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  • Professional Bull Riders, MGM Resorts - VIPortable Suites


DreamSeat & Seating Solutions is proud to introduce their newest creation the V.I.Portable Suite System, great for whenever you need a suite and great for whenever you don’t. The design works perfectly for expanding your suite inventory for your biggest events without the huge expense of construction and more importantly without permanently losing that valuable real estate. The V.I.Portable Suite System gives you flexibility in your suite inventory and can be reconfigured on the fly for any event. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EASE OF MOBILITY OF THE SUITE SYSTEM

The interior of the suites featured heat and air conditioning systems, and were equipped with a full size refrigerator, move-able countertops, a full electrical package and Ethernet ports for computer network usage. The 2nd story and 3rd floor roof top terrace had unbeatable sightlines and provided a unique fan experience featuring an all-aluminum, code compliant, public access rear staircase to enter onto any level. The three level design is unrivaled in the industry and supplies a different experience from each level, indoors or out. The total seat count tops out at 50 people. The three stories provide varied sightlines and a different event experience on each level.

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“The product presents a lower-cost option for teams and schools that can’t afford to spend millions of dollars to build permanent suites[…]As an operator you’re always looking to grow revenue, and this helps you create a VIP experience for a lot less money than reconstructing a stadium.”

Daren Libonati, Libonati Promotions, President / Owner

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