The Best Bleacher Upgrade on the Market...
The most comfortable upgrade for existing bleacher bench seating. Simple, quick, durable and code-compliant installation and storage.
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Designed for Both Temporary and Permanent Installation
US/UK patents pending No 2005622.2
The Better Bleacher Seat
Learn how you can increase your fan comfort and ticket prices! In just minutes per seat, transform your existing bleacher without any renovations needed. Fits on your existing bench seating.

Transforms Your Bench Seating Into a Comfortable Stadium Style Chair

Automatic Tip-Down Back Rest (Our Safety Must-Have)

Manufactured for Your Code-Compliance for Both Indoor or Outdoor

Superior Manufacturing Quality and Durability

3 Year Warranty (Best in the Industry)

Tired of Renting? Purchase Outright or Over Time

Keep All of Your Revenue

No More Wet Seats

Installation is Quick and Easy

Improve a Row, a Section or Your Complete Facility

All Your Fans want to be VIP's...

Let’s make that happen. DreamSeat is a family business with over 15 years of experience. We are more than happy to share our knowledge. Please call us with any questions.

Upgrade Your Facility and Revenue While Increasing Your Fan Experience

Innovative Product Features


Provides quality and comfort with long term durability. Utilize the recess for sponsor logos or branding (decals available).


Slatted seat pan eliminates puddling after a rain. Ensures dry seats every game. Seat numbers are visible in both the open and closed positions.


This patent pending innovation ensures your fans have the code compliant exit space your stadium was originally designed for even after you’ve added our chairs. US/UK patents pending No 2005622.2


Extremely efficient storage and ease of transport. Better stacking means faster installation on large projects.


Quick and easy installation - permanent or temporary.


Use The Better Bleacher Seat as a way to advertise your sponsors and boosters on the seat back! Advertise to a captive audience for the entire game or event. Logos or messages can be easily changed and are highly visible.

No-Risk Pre-Order Quality Guarantee Program
Our market research shows us there will be an extremely positive reaction to the Better Bleacher Seat. In anticipation of high product demand, we have invested in ramping up production to satisfy the market's needs. DreamSeat wants you to be comfortable with your purchase and quality of the product prior to delivery.

In an effort to guarantee your satisfaction, DreamSeat has created its No-Risk Pre-Order Quality Guarantee Program. This program allows you, the customer, to purchase now and guarantee your facility a place in the manufacturing queue.

Upon your order, DreamSeat will ship you, at no charge or obligation, one of the first Better Bleacher seats for your approval. Should you decide for any reason you are not happy with the seat you received, you can cancel your order without any cost or further obligation. DreamSeat makes this offer with a goal of receiving orders, therefore, maximizing the number of customers we can satisfy as quickly as possible while guaranteeing each customers satisfaction.

If you prefer to wait for a sample before ordering, we are happy to accommodate that. However, you will not join the manufacturing queue until the order is placed and the sample is approved.
Exclusive Benefits of the Program:

Quality, Functionality & Satisfaction Guaranteed

DreamSeat has 15+ Years of Experience and we guarantee the Better Bleacher Seat will exceed your expectations and deliver the quality and functionality you need. Should you find, for any reason, our Better Bleacher Seat sample is not up to your standards, you can cancel your order with no cost or obligation.

Guarantee Seating for Your 2021 Season

The best way to guarantee your fans upgrade for the spring season is by joining our pre-order program. It's safe and risk-free.

No Deposits Required Until You Have Approved Your Sample

Choose Your Color
4 Standard Color Plastic & Black Mesh Combinations for Quick Ship.
Custom Colors Available (Upcharge Pricing based on Volume Orders)
Social Distancing
Clearly define areas you want spectators in while following the social distancing restrictions. This product allows the facility flexibility to transform their social distancing sections to usable seats when needed. Unlock your additional seats when the restrictions are changed. Perfect for multi-use venues.

Any Seat Spacing

Installed at any seat spacing without perforating your existing bench. Starting as small as 18" and can be increased to any level of comfort.

Install in Clusters

Install in clusters for optimal social distancing. Seat cluster sizing based on safely admitted group sizing. Avoid moving through occupied rows.

DreamSeat's Satisfied Client List
We've been in business for 15+ years and below is a partial client list from the last 12 months.
US/UK patents pending No 2005622.2
Download the Better Bleacher Seat CAD & Spec Files
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