Creighton University - Morrison Stadium

Why DreamSeat?

Problem:Morrison Stadium at Creighton University was in need of a seating upgrade. Their current luxury seats had been in place for twenty plus years and the University was looking to increase their fan experience, look and feel.

Solution: Creighton University, having worked with DreamSeat on prior projects, naturally asked for our input and seating expertise. Our team visited Morrison Stadium and drew up plans for their new luxury seating area. Selecting our Vera seat, we removed their existing plastic seats and installed 220 fully padded seats. We helped to elevate their fan experience by ensuring each Vera chair has armrests, cupholders, seat numbers, row letters and of course a permanent embroidered school logo

Vera Chair

The Vera is the cost effective cousin of our SuiteMax series of chairs, utilizing the same patents and technology the Vera packs a punch in a smaller footprint. Perfect for luxury suites and club sections the Vera is totally customizable to your liking.

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