Juliette Cosmo Bench
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Juliette Cosmopolitan Bench. The beauty of this Juliette bench is in its transparency and reflective surfaces. This bench possesses the highest degree of optical clarity thanks to the finest quality acrylic. This acrylic will never yellow or become cloudy, ensuring the beauty and elegance will never fade. While its shape is simple, this bench offers a look of luxury to any space. The lightweight acrylic frame supports a tufted cushion and gives this bench a contemporary look that pairs well with both traditional and modern design styles. High density foam padding on the seat provides guests with a comfortable seating option for times when you need to entertain them. The simple structure of the framing makes it easy to be matched with almost any motif or decor. Contract Quality.


Width: 36″
Depth: 16″
Height: 19″
Cover: Velour
Cover Colour: Platinum
Finish: Clear Acrylic

Designer Collection

Perfect for luxury suites, clubs, high end offices, or anywhere someone wants high quality and beautiful furniture. The furniture is not customizable, so what you see is what you get. It typically ships within 6 weeks but can ship way faster since it is stocked.