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Quartz Logo Tables

Engineered stone surface designed for commercial applications with optional logos and custom colors available, these Quartz tables will add a feeling of luxury to any environment. Available in two edge finishes with one and three color logos you can take your branding to the next level with our indoor/outdoor rated Quartz! Made proudly in the USA! Ask about custom colors and sizes for large orders.


Edge Options:

Leveling Base Features:


Tabletop Sizes
24″ Round
36″ Round / Square
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Table Heights
30″ or 42″

Leveling Base Options

Auto-Adjust Bases vs EQ Bases

Auto-Adjust Bases are only available with our 24" Quartz tabletops and automatically stabilize on an uneven surface.

EQ Bases are only available with our 36" tabletops and stabilize on the uneven surface when pressure is applied.

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Standard Bases

Standard bases are still available with your Quartz Logo Tables. Click to learn more.

Auto-Adjust Cross Base
Dining Height

Auto-Adjust Base
24" Tabletops Only

Auto-Adjust Cross Base
Bar Height

Auto-Adjust Base
24" Tabletops Only

EQ Cross Base
Dining Height

EQ Base
36" Tabletops Only

EQ Cross Base
Bar Height

EQ Base
36" Tabletops Only

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Auto-Adjust Base Feature

Automatic Stabilization for 24″ Tabletops

DreamSeat Auto-Adjust Pub Table Bases stabilize instantly. When the table moves, the feet sense the change and re-adjust automatically.

EQ Base Feature

Pressure Stabilization for 36″ Tabletops

Stabilize the table by pressing on the table top – the feet will adjust and lock in place.


DreamSeat Auto-Adjust Pub Table bases help users align adjoining table tops by simply lifting or tilting the table top edges to the required levels.

Superior Stability on Uneven Terrains

Our tables can perfectly compliment authentic features such as wooden floors or exposed beams, and let you utilize indoor and outdoor areas with uneven surfaces that might otherwise be unused.

Adjusting Hydraulic Technology

Multi-award-winning Auto-Adjust Table Bases are always on, always working, and always stable—regardless of the situation. Our revolutionary base technology automatically adjusts to the
surface below then locks into place. This “World’s First” patented technology also allows the user to align multiple tabletops together, eliminating problematic table ridges for good.

Why Auto-Adjust?

*Information collected from our survey with YouGov of 1,000+ U.S. citizens.

Only 56% of people would reconsider returning to an establishment where a wobbly table spoiled their experience.*
68% of people believe that experiencing a wobbly table would give them a negative impression of an establishment.*
86% of people believe that sitting at a wobbly table is irritating and distracting.*

Standard Bases Still Available

Quartz Tables are available with our standard bases without the leveling functionality. Contact us to learn more about the options available.

Cross Base

Cross Base with Footring