Select Stool Series

All stools available in 18”, 24” and 30” (height without padded top) featuring fully customizable vinyl seat pad or screen printed options available.

  • W1000: Heavy duty solid wood construction, weighs 10 pounds
  • O1000: Heavy duty solid oak construction, weighs 14 pounds
  • W1000 and O1000 available in Natural & Dark Oak finishes and have an optional removable 2” vinyl padded top, 2 year limited warranty
  • M1000: 19 gauge metal frame with 5/8” foam padded seat; choice of standard frame colors. Weighs 10 pounds. 5 year limited warranty

* Availability differs with each model

Product Dimensions
Model Seat Diameter (Seat Thickness)
W1000 13″ (2″)
O1000 14″ (2″)
M1000 14″ (5/8″)