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Ventilator Portable Bar Stool

The fully breathable Ventilator seat is the newest innovation from DreamSeat. Available in a caster chair, fixed swivel pedestal seat, fixed swivel pedestal stool, and portable bar stool, the Ventilator provides sweat-free comfort in outdoor environments. The high-performance mesh seat back and bottom allows for the best airflow and breathability of any spectator seat. Perfect for loge boxes, club areas, and luxury suites. Custom logos available on the seat back.

Additional Features:

Up to 5 Year Warranty!

Ventilator chairs are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, service and handling for five (5) years from date of purchase and three (3) years from date of purchase on seat and back frame with Batyline mesh. Casters carry a three (3) year warranty.

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Using mesh can reduce surface level heat by nearly 30 degrees F when comparing vinyl to mesh.

Perfect Outdoor Chair for Any Loge or Club

Don't worry about rain between events, stays dry with no maintenance.

No Minimums

Small VIP suites or large club area, we can upgrade your facility.


Overall Width: 24.5″
Seat Depth: 17.5″
Overall Depth: 26″
Height to Seat: 29.5″
Overall Height: 49.5″
Seat Width: 19.5″

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Brand Your Chair

Custom screen-printed or radio-welded logo on your seat back. Decal positions on the side of chair for custom logos or seat numbers.

Breathable Mesh Available in Custom Colors

Wide range of colors available for the seat bottom and back in high quality Batyline Iso.

Temperature Readings in Celsius

Using mesh can reduce surface level heat by nearly 30 degrees F when comparing vinyl to mesh. Temperatures taken at 10:00am. 

Vinyl-Blue // 32.9°C = 91.2°F

Mesh-Blue // 19.1°C = 66.4°F

Ovation Airo Seat

Our newest innovation the Airo is designed for areas in stadiums that get the most sun. Designed to provide airflow and a cooler seated experience, the Airo is specifically designed for tiered rows of stadiums and used the same rail mount system as our Ovation seat.

Uses the same breathable mesh as our Ventilator Chair.

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