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XZipit Display Pillows

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Want to see what your logo looks like when it’s used with DreamSeat furniture? Fill out the Design Request form and we’ll send you a mock-up within 2 business days.


DreamSeat makes it easy to reuse & showcase any logo panel by turning them into a display pillow! Simply blow up the inflatable pillow insert and zip the embroidered Logo panel onto the pillow ends and in seconds you have a comfortable gift for any potential client, customer, guest, fan or for yourself featuring the same beautifully embroidered logo panels that adorned your DreamSeat furniture.


Create A One-Of-A-Kind Gift

When your event is over, create a perfect, one of kind gift for any customer, guest, fan or potentional client with our display pillows. Simply remove the logo panels currently being displayed on your furniture, pair it with the inflatable insert and a set of pillow ends for an unforgettable gift.

Display Your Unused Panels

Instead of storing or folding your unused logo panels, create a pillow to showcase your logo panels. This is an easy way to display more logos on our stationary collection pieces or to add more branding to any room, office, suite or club.

Generate More Revenue

Offer DreamSeat pillows to suite owners as a way to increase revenue for your arena or stadium. DreamSeat can help you create a custom logo panel and pillow package allowing your sales team to create unrealized revenue streams.

Learn About the XZipit Logo System

The patented XZipit logo system is exclusive to DreamSeat and allows you to switch the logo of your furniture in seconds.

High-Quality Synthetic Leather

The pillow ends are made from the same commercial-grade synthetic leather as our logo panels.

8.25″L x 11″W X 8.25″ H

For Pricing, please call us at 631-656-1066 or start a live chat by clicking here: Start Your Live Chat Now

Setting Up Your XZipit Storage Display Pillow

See below for a parts list and step by step process on how to setup your display pillow.

XZipit Display Pillow Parts List

Left Pillow End

Right Pillow End

Inflatable Bladder Insert

Logo Panel

(Not Included & Purchased Separately)

Step 1: Determine The Left and Right Side of the Pillow Ends

The left end will have the insertion pin on the right side and the right end will have the insertion pin on the left side

Step 2: Attach Left Pillow End with Left Side of Your Logo Panel

Look for the side of the logo panel with the XZipit Pull Tab.

Step 3: Attach Right Pillow End to the Right Side of the Logo Panel

Be sure to keep the panel even on both sides and only zipper about a ¼ leaving room to insert the inflatable pillow.

Step 4: Inflate the Bladder

Inflate the bladder to your desired firmness. Similar to a beach ball, make sure the air nozzle is firmly closed and pushed in.

Step 5: Insert Bladder Between The Pillow Ends and Zip Closed

Inflated pillow should fit snuggly between the ends. Zipper closed each side little by little making sure it is even and straight.

Step 6: Tuck Panel Tail Inside Your Pillow

Carefully tuck the tail of the pillow inside the pillow. Run your hand inside to make sure the corners are laying flat to prevent creasing.
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