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Stadium / Arena / Amphitheater Seating

The DreamSeat line of stadium seating features a wide variety of options, which are perfect for many applications including general admission up to VIP club. Every venue has unique needs, but seating remains the most important component of any venue. DreamSeat has worked with architects, professional teams and college athletic departments on everything from brand new stadium construction to revamping an existing one. Today’s spectator wants comfort and they want space. Our breadth of products are designed to meet the needs of spectators, team operators, luxury suite owners and venue management. Our products are durable, comfortable, and have the flexibility to be used if you’re upgrading your current seating or building a new amphitheater/stadium. We offer the most extensive line of innovative solutions for general, club, VIP, luxury and suite seating. DreamSeat truly is the evolution of spectator seating supplying cutting edge product at the most cost effective prices.

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The Houston Dynamo recently renovated their Shell Energy Stadium with DreamSeat products throughout.

DreamSeat SuiteMax 3.5 Field Seats installed at Citizen’s Bank Park for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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