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Letters of Recommendation

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Marshall University

Letter of Recommendation


Marshall university recently unveiled Jack Cook Field. This brand new, state of the art baseball stadium was nearly 30 years in the making. This was a design build project through AECOM Sports; an industry leader in delivering ready to occupy Athletics facilities.

With a project of this size, naturally there are multiple vendors and options for nearly every aspect of the stadium. When it came to chairs and fixed seating, we were supplied with 3-4 potential suppliers who could service the task at hand. One of these suppliers was DreamSeat who we were already familiar with but only for interior logo furniture typically used in our player lounges and locker rooms.

DreamSeat provided us technical shop drawings, color chips and renderings in a timely manner and made the entire seating design process easy and streamlined. Their service and updates throughout the production process were prompt and detailed, giving us no reason to worry. All material was delivered and installed on time and as promised by DreamSeat.

We did not think it was possible to use 1 sole vendor for our fixed stadium seating, our fixed suite seating, our fixed film room seating and loose outdoor FFE, but DreamSeat proved us wrong. We opted to go with 3 iterations of their beam mounted seating product which is a huge hit here with our fans. We selected green plastic GA seating for our
1st/3rd base lines and towards home plate we used their Zephyr mesh and Zephyr Mesh Max which was a high back version. Up in our suites we used their Vera Club seat which in my opinion is by far the sharpest club seat I have ever seen, and we travel to many stadiums within the conference to see what others have done. We used the same model within our Baseball and softball film rooms but with a tablet arm for players to take notes.

Adam and Chandler were both great to work with throughout the negotiation process and installation process. If we could do it again, we would not contemplate using anyone else. The color distribution, product quality and customer service we received from DreamSeat far exceeded our expectation level . We would recommend DreamSeat to anyone working on a project of any size.


Andrew Brown

Associate Athletic Director Facilities
& Game Operations

Barclays Center

Letter of Recommendation


Potential DreamSeat client,


Undergoing a renovation in any arena is never an easy feat, but when that renovation is being done during a pandemic, and in the middle of a global shipping and supply chain crisis it makes it much more stressful. As the Capex Project Manager for BSE Global, the parent company for the Barclays Center, Brooklyn Nets, and NY Liberty, I was tasked to refresh our 82 suites during the summer of 2021. And the decision to take on this renovation was not made until May of 2021.


In sports, we quickly learn that “anything is possible,” and I could confidently say DreamSeat takes that same approach. When I reached out to other companies, they laughed at our timeframe and offered to talk the following year. Chandler Suprina, DreamSeat’s company president, and their project manager, Adam Beyda took a different approach- they “rolled up their sleeves” and got to work.


Through the process, I never felt DreamSeat was a vendor, but rather a partner. They were committed to making our October 2021 deadline, while also making sure we had a premium product for our fans. As with any project of this magnitude in a venue this iconic there were many decision makers who had to weigh in with their input, Chandler and Adam spent a whole day with the team entertaining each team member’s questions and concerns, it was truly a collaborative process that each department got to weigh in on.


Being on a tight deadline and having to accommodate renovating a live venue, DreamSeat had to remove and install seating based on our event schedule as we had concerts, pre-season basketball games, and other events that needed certain suites to be operational. And we didn’t make it easy on them, on top of everything else we were installing new carpet in each suite which added another level of coordination to the project. DreamSeat did not miss a beat and worked cohesively with our team, the carpet supplier, and the labor union to deliver and install the seats on time and within budget. When we were complete, DreamSeat installed 843 of their custom SuiteMax 3.5 suite chairs featuring the XZipit logo panel system in less than two weeks. The difference in quality, appearance, and comfort from our existing chairs to these new suite chairs is a huge improvement that our suite holders are extremely pleased with.


Throughout the process, not only could both Adam and Chandler be reached at all times, but Adam was onsite multiple times during the install making sure everything was done correctly and more importantly that we were happy.


I cannot say enough about DreamSeat and their team and look forward to working together with them in the future. This project was completed on an almost impossible deadline and no matter what curve balls were thrown their way DreamSeat helped keep the project moving forward and helped make my job easier so I could focus on other aspects of the renovation. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to work with a creative and attentive seating supplier that will take your needs into account and will work with you to deliver your project under budget, on schedule, and with the least number of headaches possible.


If I could be of any help for your decision-making process, please feel free to contact me.


Kevin Discepolo
Capex Project Manager, BSE Global

Real Salt Lake

Letter of Recommendation

Real Salt Lake has been working with DreamSeat for a number of years on various seating related projects. When it came time to renovate our Level 300 and 400 fixed suite seating I knew exactly where to turn for a quality product at the most cost-effective price.

DreamSeat was a pleasure to work with and were extremely responsive and collaborative throughout the entire sales process. Their Company President and Sr. Sales Manager paid multiple visits to Rio Tinto Stadium to field verify our rather tight spacing throughout our older suite spaces. In addition to various sets of drawings, they spent numerous hours on the phone and sent multiple options for us to try out before deciding on their superb Zera Suite chair.  The comfort and craftsmanship were superior to anything we had ever seen before in our search for the perfect premium seat for our suite holders. DreamSeat went above and beyond and managed to modify an existing armrest to make it so we could use the chair we wanted, they truly do listen to their clients and provide bespoke solutions just for your needs.

The custom seats they designed for us look better than we ever expected them to throughout our suites. The seats we had were original to the stadium and were in dire need of a revamp, the DeamSeat chairs are night and day compared to what we had.  We cannot wait for our fans to see and feel the new suite seats and to experience a game in the comfort of a DreamSeat. While manufacturing our Zera suite chairs, DreamSeat also managed to provide us over 75 custom shaped quartz dining tables and outdoor dining chairs throughout our hospitality tents, I would be remiss not to mention this as this is one of the biggest benefits of working with DreamSeat, they are a one stop shop for all things seating and furniture.

As the GM and VP of Stadium Operations my responsibilities can become daunting, it is nice to have a partner who can help us with multiple facets of a renovation project and to keep all paperwork under one contractor.

I highly recommend anyone that is in the market for specialty logo furniture or fixed stadium seating to reach out to the team at DreamSeat, you won’t be disappointed. I could not imagine ever using another vendor for projects like these.

Leif Smith

B Maze Elite

Letter of Recommendation

Dear Dillon,

We appreciate the outstanding customer service from you and David Shickler. The customized logo seating for our study lounge and office elevated the B.Maze Elite facility to the next level. The quality of the seating is phenomenal, comfortable and durable for our players in our program. It displays a professional college lounge atmosphere as we prepare and help our players to garner scholarship to continue their education and basketball career. It has been honor and a pledge to work with such outstanding customer service. We have found DreamSeat to be world class in many ways.

Thank you for your quality of work as well as the quality of furniture. We look forward to working with DreamSeat again in the future.

Bobby Maze
B. Maze Elite AAU

Crown College

Letter of Recommendation


As we continue to make our Crown College Athletic Center nicer, we decided to get all new chairs and couches to spruce everything up. We, of course, wanted those to have our logo featured.

However, we knew a rebrand was imminent, and we didn’t want to have to buy all new furniture in a year. DreamSeat allowed us to have the best of both worlds with their easily removable and affordable Xzipit system.


When our rebrand did begin a year later, every chair instantly was changed over. I wish rebranding everything was as easy and affordable as it was with Dreamseat!




Peter Ingraham – Crown College

Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Public Relations Sports Information Director


Letter of Recommendation

We have used Dreamseat for a number of years in various spaces within our facilities. Locker rooms, film rooms, offices – and every time the reaction is the same – our teams love the look and feel of any piece of furniture provided by Dreamseat. Everything is unique and customizable and made to last. The customer service is second to none and very timely with response times and shipping. I would recommend Dreamseat to any collegiate or professional organization looking to make a wow factor in their facility.

Brian J. Anderson
Villanova University Athletics
Associate Athletic Director | Facilities & Operations


Letter of Recommendation


Not only are we doing “business” with DreamSeat, but it’s also a partnership. We chose their
product as our brand standards are high and go above and beyond the rest.
Product durability is top notch, and the visual appeal is exactly what we needed. We have hundreds of units across the US in our Centers and growing.
Superb customer service with the ability to work with us on storage and shipping, we could ask for a better team.

Sincerely, Kelly Powell
Purchasing Manager iCRYO

Vivo Infusion

Letter of Recommendation


RE: Dream Seats HT Recliner Plus

To Whom It May Concern:

Our organization has set a goal to be the best ambulatory infusion provider in the nation. In order to achieve this goal, it was important for us to create the best patient experience. For us, that began with our infusion chairs. After a vast search, viewing all the options, and samples provided we decided to move forward with Dream Seats.

Selecting the recliner functions, color, and creating the logo were a breeze. The comfort, quality, and functionality were unmatched in the industry. With cupholders, electric reclining, USB ports, and tray table, it brings a lot of convenience and comfort to our patients. The bonus is that it can be cleaned after each patient, and it has our brand right on the chair.
All in all, we are happy with our selection and are looking forward to making more purchases for our clinics to come.


Ken Idicula
Vice President of Innovation

IVX Health

Letter of Recommendation


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Dreamseat for the past several years. There have
been multiple instances where they have gone above and beyond to ensure our customers are
satisfied with their product. For example, during the pandemic shipping crisis Dreamseat was
able to work with us and our customer to start a bulk ordering system to ensure the custom
product we purchase is always stocked and available. Dreamseat is always willing to find
creative solutions to suite our needs. From project conception through warranty claims down the
line Dreamseat is a dependable and dedicated partner.

Sarah Siesener
Corporate Account Manager

Owl Ear Smoke Shop

Letter of Recommendation


My name is Lenny Smiegel, I am the general manager of Owl Ear Cigar Shop in Scottsdale Az. A year and a half ago we renovated our cigar lounge and a part of that was buying new chairs. We chose to outfit our lounge with over twenty custom Dream Seat chairs with our logo on them. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, they turned out terrific! From quality of product to customer service, Dream Seat has delivered nothing short of excellence. Dan walked me through my options and even orchestrated delivery. I appreciate everything and look forward to doing business in the future.

Thank you!
-Lenny Smiegel

Moore High School

Letter of Recommendation


To Whom it may concern;

In the spring of 2019 the athletic department was able to purchase new office chairs for the main athletic office. We purchased one office chair as well as six of the sled chairs. Everyone that comes in raves about them. Dillon Hertel was outstanding in helping through the process. Later in the fall of 2019 our football program purchased ten office chairs and a loveseat. I am thankful for Dillon’s help through the process. We will be purchasing more this spring.

Thanks for everything!

Chad Mashburn

Moore High

Moore, Oklahoma

Hyper X Esports Arena

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern

It is my pleasure to thoroughly recommend DreamSeat, and more specifically, the ZipChair as the ultimate gaming chair, industrywide.

When looking for the right chair partner for the HyperX Esport Arena, a few necessary criteria needed fulfilling. Comfort, durability, and esthetically pleasing were at the forefront of the arena’s needs. What easily separated DreamSeat from all others is the value proposition DreamSeat provides with the customizable ZipIt technology. ZipChair uniquely provides clients the ability to expand their mark and brand with competition chairs without the wasteful investment of purchasing new chairs for each event. Providing this option at the premier esport arena helps drive business and enhance event production. This specific customized feature is not found in the chair market and made the decision to partner with DreamSeat a no-brainer.

What is easily forgotten in this Amazon culture of faceless transaction and customer service is the structure built at DreamSeat to always have a connection with the staff. This interpersonal cultivation is welcomed in this digital world. As Allied Esports and Entertainment expands, DreamSeat is the first call made to discuss all concept needs best suiting the esport athlete and fan. The HyperX Esport Arena thanks DreamSeat for this amazing partnership and look forward to continually grow within the esport industry.

Sincerely, Jim Braun
Director of Sponsorship

Gonzaga Preparatory School

Letter of Recommendation


We had the opportunity here at Gonzaga Prep to purchase customized furniture
for our new girls basketball team room and our new coaching offices. After
looking at several companies that provides custom furniture we went with

We are very much pleased with that choice!
DreamSeat has made our team room and our coaching office first class! We
were shown a vast variety of choices to find the best possible options for our
space. The quality and apparent durability of the furniture is outstanding. Our
team room and office has been transformed into a sharp, inviting space.
The service that we received from DreamSeat was tremendous. Working with
Jarrod Behringer made our decision process easy and he was immediately
responsive to our needs and wants.

I would not recommend any other company if you are interested in customizing
your facility. DreamSeat not only met our expectations but rather far exceeded

Thank you,
Michael Arte
Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Gonzaga Preparatory School

Bishop Manogue Catholic HS

Letter of Recommendation

As a private school we rely on a quality education, small class size, family atmosphere, facilities, among others to attract potential families to our school. Last year we built a new stadium facility that included a team locker room at our football field. To maximize the comfort and experience for our coaches and student-athletes I searched for a company that could provide custom furniture to enhance the space for our teams. I contacted Jarrod at DreamSeat and within minutes he got back to me with a response and a quote. Jarrod was extremely helpful, informative and patient as we progressed through the project. He quickly mocked up a digital logo and when it was time to pull the trigger they processed the order.

When we revealed the new locker room and custom furniture we had student-athletes, parents and business owners asking where we got the couches and chairs. Everyone who walked into the new locker room were floored by the space and the custom logoed furniture. Besides the custom logo the best part about out Custom DreamSeat is how comfortable they are. This has been a great purchase for us and has added a ton of value to our facilities, and campus.

Thomas Peregrin
Physical Educator/Weights Instructor

Keyano College

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend DreamSeat for any renovation projects on your campus. Recently we purchased several custom chair, loveseats and sofas for our Athletics office along with pub tables and chairs for our game day concession area. Matthew Sobel was very knowledgeable in helping us make decisions based on our needs, look and atmosphere we were trying to create.

We decided to utilize DreamSeat because of their ability to customize each piece of furniture with our Huskies logo. These sewn on logos are very durable and add a sense of class and professionalism to our office. Also, our pub tables were an instant hit with our fan base. As well, we found that DreamSeat had exceptional service and speed in addressing our orders. Even though they are an American company, they had our order shipped to us in a very reasonable time frame. I got an immediate response whenever I had a question about the products or the order in general.

I encourage any institution that has questions to feel free to contact me directly regarding DreamSeat and their products. I would be happy to share my personal experience with their sales staff and their products.

Jonathan Lambert
Associate Athletic Director
Keyano College

Denver Broncos

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:   I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for DreamSeat. DreamSeat has provided the Denver Broncos with meeting room chairs and sofas for the last several years. During that time handling our account, we in the Broncos organization have been very impressed with their products.

Initially, we were looking for new meeting room chairs for one meeting room that could withstand the large players we have. However, we came to realize very quickly that we were getting more than just new meeting room chairs.

We were getting an outstanding product that was very well received. In fact, chairs were disappearing quickly because everyone in our facility wanted them in their offices.

Moreover, with the Denver Broncos, DreamSeat took plain looking meeting rooms and made them look more professional and up-to-date. Our staff and players have nothing but rave reviews about these chairs and sofas, that we have now incorporated into all of our meeting rooms and our players’ lounge. In lieu of our demanding needs, DreamSeat has done everything in its power to ensure we continue to be provided first class service and professionalism.

Additionally, we could not be happier with our overall experience with them. Everyone we work with strives to meet our needs quickly and efficiently. In closing, let me say I am pleased to highly recommend DreamSeat, as I believe they would be a great asset.

Colin “Chip” Conway
Vice President of Operations
Denver Broncos Football Club

University of Arizona

Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern;

I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of vendors over the last 20 years to support our athletics facilities here at The University of Arizona and simply want to convey how much I value the relationship with Dreamseats / XZipit. The customer service from your sales team, in particular Adam Beyda is truly second to none. New offerings and options are regularly shared and the merchandise itself has performed exceptionally well with constant use by our athletes.

I strongly endorse your products in any high traffic facility. Your team does an outstanding job setting up our teams for success! On behalf of Arizona Athletics, thanks for the great service and commitment over the last five years and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Suzy Mason

Senior Associate Athletics Director
Arizona Wildcats

University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure I recommend your working relationship with DreamSeat. Our program could not be more pleased with the professionalism and knowledge that Adam Beyda provided us in our decision making process. As an NCAA Division Ill football program, it was our goal to enhance our football facility. DreamSeat met and surpassed all of our goals when the office and conference room chairs along with the lobby furniture arrived. In fact, since seeing our area with DreamSeat products, other athletic teams and university departments have placed orders to enhance their areas.

I encourage any organization or institution to work with Adam and DreamSeat. Please feel free to contact me regarding our experience.

Lance Leipold
Head Football Coach

University of Illinois

Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:



For our most recent renovation of our locker room, we purchased our furniture from DREAMSEAT. Through my several conversations with his company, Adam Beyda in particular, they were amazing to work with.


Mr. Beyda was extremely prompt in turning around several different quotes and blueprint layouts of our space, while sharing ideas of how to maximize our investment with furniture. In dealing with several renovations in my career, I have never dealt with a company with the customer service like DREAMSEAT and will definitely be using them in the future for our projects moving forward. Mr. Beyda is professional and their products are nothing but the best.


Our furniture is clean, contemporary, and durable and has been the main focus of every tour we give to recruits. DREAMSEAT understands our business and their experience certainly proved that. From my first phone call to installation I was continually impressed with their entire organization.




Mark Morris

Director of Basketball Operations University of Illinois Men’s Basketball

University of Miami

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend DreamSeat for any renovation projects on your campus. Recently we purchased several custom chairs, loveseats and desk chairs for our Men’s Basketball Longue. Adam Beyda is very knowledgeable on the helping make decisions based on our needs, look and feel we are trying to create.

The largest part of the decision to utilize DreamSeat was their ability to customize each piece of furniture with our University logo. These sewn on applications are very durable and acid a touch of class and professionalism to our lobbies and offices. In addition, as we increase our orders we have the ability to replace the custom panels with other logos.

The nice thing about their company was their service and speed in addressing our orders. From start to finish we had everything on our campus within three weeks. Whenever I had a question I had almost an immediate response via e-mail or telephone.

I had the opportunity to work with Adam and DreamSeat at Purdue University. When I came down to the University of Miami, I really wanted to make sure we got the best furniture available that could also showcase our University brand. No one does it better than DreamSeat.

I encourage any institution that has questions to feel free to contact me directly regarding DreamSeat and their product. I would be happy to share my personal experience with their sales staff and their products.

Michael Turner
Director of Events | University of Miami Athletics

University of Oregon

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

Recently we have purchased several furniture items from DreamSeat for the University of Oregon softball program. We are extremely pleased with our experience. We had the opportunity to work with Matt Sobel, who did an excellent job. He was easy to get in touch with, answered all of our questions, and even pushed to have the order turned around in a short period of time.

This is the second time that I, personally have dealt with DreamSeat. I have had a great experience with them both times. The furniture has that Wow factor, and it is extremely comfortable and durable as well.

Our young athletes are excited about the new look to our locker room and definitely look forward to doing business with them again.

Jimmy Kolaitis
University of Oregon
Assistant Softball Coach

Mississippi State

Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Adam Beyda and Dream Seat. I first heard about Dream Seat from our basketball facilities manager here at Mississippi State University. As the Director of Operations for the Women’s Basketball program here at State, I was overseeing a remodeling project for our locker room that began this past April. It was a pleasure to work with Adam and Dream Seat throughout our renovation project and we are thoroughly pleased with the product, service, and overall experience we have had with them and would confidently recommend them to anyone in the market for a great seating solution.


The most important aspect that I could address regarding Adam and Dream Seat would be the wonderful customer service we received. As with many other businesses, customer service can set one competitor apart from another. Adam Beyda and Dream Seat understand what their clients want and need, and with thorough yet efficient communication, they were able to perfectly execute our project. They worked seamlessly with myself, as well as my counterpart in men’s basketball, our facilities manager who helped oversee the project, as well as the general contractor, communicating order, delivery and installation details with precision and concern of other project timelines. Adam did a wonderful job communicating with me the options we had for our team locker room seating. The work Dream Seat has done across the country in other sporting venues as well as office settings and even in the home, assured me, just through pictures, that I was working with the right company. At the time our conversation had begun, Dream Seat had recently installed some XZipit eXcel chairs in our schools softball team room. Once I saw and sat in these chairs, the deal was sealed. Our softball staff was praising the product and customer service they had received, and that assured me that we had found the right company for our seating needs. Dream Seat is doing it right. From second-to-none customer service, to a wonderful product, and flawless project execution, this is a company I will continue to recommend to others in the sport business as well as any customer looking for a great seating solution. I have no doubt that others would have the same experience I have had and enjoy a wonderful and beautiful product.



Maryann Baker

Director of Operations,

Mississippi State Women’s Basketball

Merrimack College

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

My name is Alexandra Gallant and I am the Operations and Scheduling Manager for Athletics at Merrimack College. I had recently purchased lounge and office furniture from Dream Seat for our Division I Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Coaches and for our Director of Athletics. We ordered three love seats, a pair of lounge chairs and one office chair all in black with the “MC” logo on each of them.

The quality of the furniture is outstanding. I was very impressed that they were able to incorporate our athletics logo. It certainly make the ice hockey offices stand out from the rest. Payment was very easy and delivery was well executed. I worked directly with account executive Matthew Sobel and was constantly in touch about the status of the order.

He made it easy on my end to assure me a timely delivery to the College, I would recommend Dream Seat to any customer looking for high quality customized furniture, especially in the sports industry. With having two top-tier Division I ice hockey programs, we strive to have the best of everything in order to maintain the high standards we have set here at Merrimack College.

Thank you for your time,
Alexandra Gallant
Operations/Scheduling Manager
Merrimack College Athletics

Castle Rock Fire Department

Letter of Recommendation


To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say “Thank You” for the outstanding customer service
that Ron Remi recently provided to our Department.

I first saw your products at the IAFC’s Fire Rescue International conference last year, and when
I followed up, Ron was quick to respond. He was timely, efficient, professional, and answered
all of my questions. When we decided to move forward with two “sample” chairs, Ron worked
with me through the entire process, making it as painless as possible. He kept me up to date,
followed up, and represented DreamSeat very well.

Our staff has looked at both chairs, were impressed with their features as well as the
department logo, and we have since placed a much larger order for our fire headquarters. I’m
sure that once other employees of the Town see our new chairs, there will be plenty of
questions and potentially new orders for your company.
Our experience with DreamSeat has certainly been above and beyond what we expected in
customer service, and for that, I wanted to say “Thank you”! Our department strives for High
Customer Satisfaction, and we certainly appreciate receiving outstanding customer service.

Thanks again!

Norris W. Croom III,

Deputy Chief

New York Cosmos

Letter of Recommendation

To Mr. Adam Beyda,

Currently we are utilizing your custom New York Cosmos logo zip-ins at Hofstra University’s Shuart Stadium in order to give the Pride Lounge a more “Cosmic” feel to the room. It was great because Hofstra already had your very comfortable leather chairs and we were able to just get zip-ins made with our logo which we easily change out with Hofstra’s logo when we have home games. It’s an added bonus that is so easy to do and goes a long way with our fans when they utilize this VIP Hospitality area. We really appreciate the work you did for us.

Sofia Sanchez
Director of Operations
New York Cosmos

Verizon Center

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

With over thirty years’ experience in the sports & entertainment business, it is my pleasure to recommend DreamSeat/Xzipit products, and their outstanding salesperson, Adam Beyda. We were looking to enhance our brand recognition in one of our Arena’s private clubs, and Xzipit products offered the perfect opportunity to show our teams logos, have durable comfortable seating options, while at the same time giving us the ability to change the logos with ease.

Our Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics logos are now prominently displayed on bar stools and lounge chairs in our Club. We have already gone through two seamless logo changes with the Wizards and Mystics.

I can’t say enough about Adam, as he arrived personally with the Xzipit panels and installed them himself one evening before our opening night. He facilitated the process of the logo change with ease, and is constantly sharing new product introductions and offerings.

On behalf of Verizon Center, and Monumental Sports & Entertainment, we highly recommend this professional company with its high quality products.

Kerry L. Gregg
Senior Director of Operations
Verizon CenterExecutive Suites Monumental Sports & Entertainment