Looking to create an arena that allows audience members to watch, and cheer for their favorite esports team and players as well providing a professional gaming chair for your pros?  DreamSeat, a leading provider of high-quality, commercial grade furniture for traditional collegiate and professional sports teams along with corporations of all sizes has options and solutions for any environment, situation and setting. 

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David Shickler

Sales Director

Your Pros deserve to sit in the best gaming chairs on the market! DreamSeat’s line of Gaming Chairs are available for both the PC and Console Player and features our patented XZipit System allowing you to proudly display your team, collegiate or company logo on each chair.

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Looking to provide a dedicate place for fans to cheer on their favorite team? Whether you are building a new arena or renovating an existing space, we have a suite of products to create the prefect fan friendly venue. DreamSeat has been working with many professional and collegiate esport and traditional teams revamping their stadium seating, suites and VIP Sections delivering a one of a kind spectator experience.

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Looking to build a fun spectator experience or reconfigure your space depending on the events? DreamSeat has a mixture of sofas, recliners, banquette seating and gaming chairs that cater to both serious and casual play. Our patented logo system which is featured throughout the DreamSeat product line allows Teams, Leagues, LAN Centers and Venues to showcase different logos without having to change furniture.

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The Xpression Gaming Chair

All Day Durability and Comfort

Memory Foam Pillows

Everyone is different physically, but lower back pain is equally problematic no matter who are. Removable and repositionable ergonomic memory foam cushion for the back and head.

4-D Adjustable Arms

Each armrest is fully height-adjustable and moves in 4 directions ensuring easy comfort and arm positions for PC and Controller gamers alike.

Lay-Flat Recline

The Xpression allows you to lie fully back and rest or stretch preventing you from getting stiff when stationed in one position for prolonged PC gaming periods.

6 Sets of Base Colors

Comes with 6 sets of interchangeable color inserts so you can match your XZipit logo panel. Swap them out as often as you want. Standard colors are yellow, red, green, blue, black and white.

Patented XZipit System

Our patented interchangeable logo panel system allows the user to have the flexibility to change logos on XZipit furniture in seconds.

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Facility Furnishings
Stadium & Arena Seating

Banquette Seats

Stretch out and relax or pack them in, the Banquette gives your suite holder the freedom to enjoy the event as they please. Storage areas, charging stations, and logo personalization options create a comfortable personalized feel more akin to your living room than a suite.

What Our Clients Have to Say...
Equinox Esports is a brand new esports organization based out of Oklahoma City. We represent a pioneers spirit, trying to engage in the ever-growing market of esports in an area of the country that most think would never be ready for such a bold move as we are about to make.

Enter DreamSeat/ZipChair, a thriving and trusted company that has worked with some of the best-of-the-best in sports and esports. When we first reached out to them, with nothing proven, their team immediately had a desire to work with us. They responded to all of our calls, emails, questions with speed and care that we may have expected as a large, established organization, but never as the up-and-comers we consider ourselves to be at the moment. Not only that, but they were willing to greatly work with us on pricing for their desks and chairs to ensure we got a fair price.

One analogy we’ve often received working with DreamSeat/ZipChair is their willingness to “ride up the elevator” with us as we grow. Sure, they’d likely work with us if we were a big name, but who wouldn’t? No, it’s the fact that they were willing to come alongside a company full of ambition and dream and help us make that a feasible reality - that is what has separated our experience with DreamSeat/ZipChair from others we’ve worked with thus far.

So, no matter your size or prominence, no matter if you’re in esports or elsewhere, we highly recommend using DreamSeat/ZipChair for all of your chair, desk, and furniture needs. Our experience here at Equinox has been top-notch, and we’re confident yours will be too.
Connor Knudsen
Director, Competition at Equinox Esports
Couldn't be more happy with my new Xpression Gaming Chair. I have been using it for a few days now and what an upgrade from my previous chair. Loving everything from the pillows to being able to adjust everything aspect of the chair so it fits me!
Kyle Ouellette
I have a bad back and I bought this chair with the hopes that it would be easier to sit in for long periods. Thankfully it does. It is well put together and very comfortable to sit in plus easy to move around in. I highly recommend this chair.
Scott Jones
Both chairs arrived ahead of schedule, we had great communication with Zipchair the entire time, were easy to assemble, and could immediately see the sturdy construction of the base and components. The chairs have been very comfortable, and we do 8-12 hour gaming sessions at least 5 days per week and recently completed a 100 hour marathon stream. The lumbar pillow is a great feature for long lasting comfort, and the adjustable armrests allow for customized gaming settings for pc/console and the use of controllers or mouse and keyboard at any size desk. I am 6'4, 240lbs, and my wife is 5'5" and the chair size was ideal and adjustable to fit both of us. I highly recommend these chairs for anyone in a gaming setting!
Mark Coon