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Prime Courtside

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Why are your highest paying fans sitting in the worst seats? Prime Courtside is the most luxurious VIP sideline seat in the world, designed to bring the look and comfort of suite seating to the court! Utilizing an ergonomic almost 42” backrest and fixed padded bottom, Prime will provide your best fans with the comfort they deserve. Available in single, double, and triple configurations, and utilizing a 4-way rollable wheel system Prime is easily maneuvered and set up by your facilities crew. Stackable racks are also available to assist with storage between events. Get rid of your boring folding chairs and go Prime!


  • Suite seat design for courtside application
  • 41.7” backrest
  • 4-way rollable wheels for ease of transport
  • Pull out handle for ease of transport
  • Stackable storage racks
  • 1, 2, and 3 seat configurations
  • Available in 18” and 19” OC spacing to maximize seat count


  • Chair signage covers
  • Magnetic under seat signage
  • Tip up armrests available
  • Ground level cup holder
  • Patented XZipit Logo system
  • Permanent Embroidered logos Available
  • Height: 41.7″
  • OC Spacing: 18″ or 19″

For Pricing, please call us at 631-656-1066 or start a live chat by clicking here: Start Your Live Chat Now

Product Features

Pull Out Handle for Ease of Transport
4-Way Rollable Wheels for Ease of Transport
Optional Ground Level Cup Holder
Optional Tip-Up Armrests Available
Suite Seat Design for Courtside Application
Stackable Storage Racks
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