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University Of Alabama Bryant – Denny Stadium

Client Name

University Of Alabama Bryant – Denny Stadium


Tuscaloosa, AL

Project Description

Why DreamSeat?

Bryant-Denny Stadium is an iconic facility at the University of Alabama. The stadium renovation and expansion is the featured capital project in The Crimson Standard. The main goals of the stadium renovation is to have more luxury seating fans and to deliver an all-around better fan experience. With multiple seating areas in need of an upgrade along with the addition of three new club areas, The University of Alabama was not only looking to expand their seating capacity but to always provide the most enjoyable experience for all spectators

Having been a trusted resource and partner for the University of Alabama throughout the years, DreamSeat was able to provide solutions for their Founders Suites, Level 6 Terrace Club and Level 7 Champions Club seating, meeting all of their needs. Hand selected by the Universities largest and prestigious Football program donors, the Founders Suites feature 130 Luxury Rockers with the Alabama Logo. With comfort and luxury seating as a priority, both the Champions and Terrace Clubs feature our padded Bravo Seat. Installing over 1900, all of these seats feature a padded back, padded bottom, tip-up armrests, rear-mount cupholder and the exclusive DreamSeat XZipit logo system. These seats are beam mounted which allows for a quick install, minimal maintenance and easy to keep clean.

Featured Products

Bravo Chairs with Padded Backs
Padded Club Seats
Luxury Rockers with XZipit Panels

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