Quality & Versatility

Custom Embroidery

XZipit Panels can showcase just about anything possible: Company logos, events, schools, organizations, championships, clients and much more. If you can draw it, we can produce it.


High Stitch Embroidery With an average stitch count of 70,000 stitches, our logos are loaded with vibrant colors and high quality stitching. All embroidery is done in-house to maintain top quality control and quick turnaround time.


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Photo Panels

fabric panel office chair
Dysublimated Printed Panels
For those details that can’t be fully captured with threads, we also can create digitally printed XZipit panels.

Showcase Your Logo

storage display pillow
Storage Display Pillow
Our premium display pillow provides a comfortable logo gift for any potential client, customer, guest, fan, suite owner and more!
Gift away any logo!
All XZipit Logo Panels can be easily zipped off your chair on right onto your pillow ends – a convenient, luxury way to show off any logo.

Personalize it
XZipit Panels can be personalized with names, phrases, sayings and much more. If you can think it, we can produce it.

Showcase it
XZipit Panels can be displayed in custom XZipit Frames to be shown off in homes, offices or just about anywhere.

XZipit Logo Panels are interchangeable between all the XZipit furnishings. They are made with high quality leather and synthetic leather, on high-volume embroidery machines. No job is too large or too small, and all exhibit the same refined detail in their embroidery.



Custom Embroidery