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Courtney Williams

Planet Fitness

DreamSeat is a preferred vendor that Planet Fitness use. My group has been working with DreamSeat since 2017. Other than the great customer service, the company provides great quality furniture that makes our Black Card Spa area look amazing and makes our club members feel at home. We plan to continue to do business with Dreamseat. There’s no doubt in my mind that DreamSeat will provide great service to any organization.

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LAN Centers / Facilities
Esports Teams and Leagues

Connor Knudsen

Director, Competition at Equinox Esports

One analogy we’ve often received working with DreamSeat/ZipChair is their willingness to “ride up the elevator” with us as we grow. Sure, they’d likely work with us if we were a big name, but who wouldn’t? No, it’s the fact that they were willing to come alongside a company full of ambition and dream and help us make that a feasible reality - that is what has separated our experience with DreamSeat/ZipChair from others we’ve worked with thus far.

So, no matter your size or prominence, no matter if you’re in esports or elsewhere, we highly recommend using DreamSeat/ZipChair for all of your chair, desk, and furniture needs. Our experience here at Equinox has been top-notch, and we’re confident yours will be too.