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Vera Slim

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Designed to fit in the tightest of treads without sacrificing comfort, the Vera Slim provides a VIP experience in non-VIP row depths. Utilizing all of the same componentry as our flagship Vera chair the Vera Slim utilizes a skinnier backrest to achieve the same level of comfort while not sacrificing leg room. Designed to fit in treads as small as 32”. Indoor and outdoor models available.


  • 40” high slim back
  • Available in widths from 19”-24” OC
  • Poly or wood arms
  • Adjust back pitch for even tighter treads
  • Rear mount cup holder available
  • XZipit Logo System


  • Poly or Wood Arms
  • Rear Mount Cup Holder Available


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For Pricing, please call us at 631-656-1066 or start a live chat by clicking here: Start Your Live Chat Now

Product Features

40″ High Slim Back
Rear Mount Cup Holder Available
Poly or Wood Arms
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