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The Luxx is the most versatile spectator seating product in the DreamSeat line, available in a general admission version up to a VIP suite level there is a Luxx option for every application. The Luxx is a hybrid of a more advanced beam mount design mixed with the best aspects of traditional spectator seating, with Luxx you get the best of both worlds. Designed with ergonomics in mind the Luxx is unrivaled in comfort while supplying the most leg room and widest egress pathways of any spectator seat in the market. Available with too many customization options to count you can truly make the Luxx the perfect seat for your unique needs. Build out a club area or your entire venue, the options are endless.


Back Height: 32”, 34”, 36”
Seat Width: 20” – 24”

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Luxx Options and Add-Ons

Temperature Controls Available for a Cooled or Heated Seat

The Thermavance system uses conductive cooling and heating. It does not use circulated air to create the cooling/heating effect on the occupant’s bottom.

The system does not require air movement through the cover which means it doesn’t require perforations in the seat surface material.  Therefore, because the seat cover is sealed, it is weather-friendly and spill-friendly.   

Your Choice of a Cooled or Heated Seat Bottom with a Dual Mode, HML Side Control

Available Finishes

Plastic Back & Bottom Shells

Fully Upholstered


*Acoustic seat bottom available upon request

Seat Pad Thicknesses

Thin Pad

Thick Pad

Seat Folds

3/4 Safety Fold Seat

Full Clam Shell

Telescopic Applications

Tread Mount

Nose Mount

Rear Cupholders

Tip-Up Cupholder

Fixed Cupholder


Fixed Armrest

Integrated Tip Up (Optional Auto Tip)

Tip Up with Cupholder

Power Rail Available with USB, USBc, and Traditional Power Outlets

Power Rail Featured with USB

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